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Welcome to fit2work, the approved service provider for obtaining an overseas criminal record check (OCRC) for the Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA).
• You can apply for an OCRC using this form.
• You will be responsible for payment of your OCRC directly to fit2work.
• A pricing schedule and average turnaround time for each country is available here.
• When you have submitted your OCRC application, fit2work will assess your application for completeness.
• You will be provided with a reference page and check reference number which you will need to include as part of your teacher registration application with the TRBWA.
• fit2work will advise both you and the TRBWA of the results when they are available. Do not send your OCRC results to the TRBWA as the TRBWA will receive them directly from fit2work.
If you have any queries, please contact fit2work's helpdesk on 1300 525 525 or email:

Please note: Turnaround times do vary. Checks typically return within 15 business days, however some results will take longer depending on the processing times of Government agencies coordinating checks in each country searched.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Until further notice, international checks for North Korea, Libya, Syria, Maldives, Somalia, Yemen, French Polynesia and Vanuatu are unavailable. If you require an OCRC from one of these countries, please contact the TRBWA for assistance.