International Criminal History Checks
Background check criminal history records in over 200 countries. fit2work's thorough police check provide screening to the highest international standards. fit2work is 100% online, fast and secure.

Fit2work provide full support and step by step guidance to ensure your checks are returned as soon as possible. We also have a dedicated support helpdesk which you can contact on +61 3 9645 5500 or email:

What is the purpose of this check?


Until further notice, international checks for Afghanistan, Brunei Darussalam,Comoros, Cote D'Ivoire,Curacao,Djibouti,Dominica,Eswatini,French Polynesia,Gabon,Greenland, Guadeloupe,Guinea-Bissau,Isle of Man,Kiribati,North Korea,Kosovo,Libya,Liechtenstein, Macau,Maldives,Martinique,Montserrat,Nauru,North Macedonia,Russia,Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin,São Tomé and Príncipe, Somalia, Syria,Turks and Caicos Islands,Tuvalu,Ukraine,Vanuatu and Venezuela are currently unavailable.